GENP is a family history software program for the beginner, experienced to professional genealogist.

GENP - genealogy program with multiple databases, multimedia, grouping and linking. You can store text for people and print reports whilst you build your family tree.

GENP version 5 has now been released! As well as the existing support for English and other Western European languages the new program supports Eastern European languages such as Russian and Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean. It is possible to mix languages in the one genealogical database..

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From the modern, classic and ancient periods.

GENP 3 eras



Produce standalone slideshows that will impress!

GENP Slideshow


A sample of one variation of the 36 different new tree charts available in GENP 4 and higher

Ancestor Tree Chart

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28 Oct 2014 - GENP and TMG support.

30 Jun 2014 - GENP 5 now for Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

18 Jun 2014 - Press Release for GENP 5.

15 Jun 2014 - GENP 5 released. Read the change log.

9 Mar 2014 - Japanese introductory video has been released. Link at bottom of Japanese page (日本語の紹介ビデオをリリースした)

26 Nov 2013 - Glossary of Japanese Genealogical terms is now available! (今、系図の言葉グロッサリーを見えます!)

22 Nov 2013 - How to change the language to Japanese (次のリリース、GENP5にとって日本語サポートページがあって、日本語へ言語の変わり方を説明します。こちらに見えます。)

18 Nov 2013 - New Japanese language pages for the upcoming GENP 5 release (次のリリース、GENP5にとって日本語サイトを作りました。こちらに見えます。)


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Click on one of the following links to view each video in your browser. There are many more videos on the Resources page. All videos have sound.

Genp videoFirst Steps - First run.

This video shows how to get GENP running the first time.

Topics covered are: resizing the screen; the Side Bar; how to open the demo databases; how to close the demo databases; most recently used (MRU) GenBase list; another way to open the demos. Duration 2:00

Genp VideoFirst Steps - Make your first database.

Topics covered are: New GenBase Wizard; adding the Jones GenBase; how to select the location. Duration 3:03

Genp VideoFirst Steps - Add your first person.

Topics covered are: opening the Jones GenBase; the Add Individual dialog; keying the name John Doe; keying a birth date and death date; selecting John Doe. Duration 4:32

Genp VideoFirst Steps - Tree Charts.

Using the Tree Charts facility.

Topics covered are: producing presentation quality charts; the Basic tree chart panel; processing the chart; using scroll bars; changing Tree Style; the Help panel; how to switch to Experienced mode. Duration 2:11

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"once you master the art of linking individuals from different GenBases, you will not go back to merging ever again. This feature has to be the way of the future." Mark Lang, Genealogical Computing (USA)
"It is very comprehensive and does, as far as I can ascertain from my limited use of it so far, all the things that it claims, and these are many." S.H. James, Computers in Genealogy
"One of the best features I have seen in a long time is the ability to link individuals across databases, without the the need to merge data. Links across databases are clearly identified both by name and colour. You are also able to link across databases when you print a report." Mark Lang, Family Tree Magazine (UK)

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