GENP version 3 Beta test

Melbourne, Australia, August 13th 2009.

We are pleased to announce that the Beta test of GENP version 3 has commenced.

GENP is a consumer orientated product which will also appeal to the serious

Existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, multiple users,
grouping of databases, multi lingual. Link your data from one database to
another. "Link don't merge" - keep your data separate.

Version 3 now supports Vista and Windows 7. When released it will run on the
following platforms: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

There are more than 30 major new features stacking up to be the most
significant release in GENP's history.

Some of the new features will be:

o New GenBase Wizard. Allows for the straight forward setting up of a new

o New demo databases. Three more demo databases showcasing support of linking
and our extensive date support.

o More reports.

o History. Stores and displays the people as you move around your database.

o More Timelines all fully integrated into the system.

This release demonstrates the paradigm of a "Book on a disk" first used in
our pre-Windows release.


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