GENP Society


Melbourne, Australia, February 9th 2006.

The genealogy program GENP Society is designed for the society, law
enforcement agency, professional researcher and school.

It is the only genealogy program purpose built for this market.

In a nutshell GENP Society is a superset of GENP. In other words it has
all the features of GENP plus a whole lot more! See our website for the
extensive features GENP offers.

With GENP Society the system can handle unlimited users. Preferences and
Configurations for each user are kept separate. Each user has their own
name and password. Media for each user is kept separate. User access is
restricted to certain directories such as for Configurations.

The system has System Operators who can grant and revoke users, reset
passwords etc. System Operators set up and maintain the system and assign
users to Groups for access rights. Up to 100 databases can be in a Group.
A System Operator can send messages (which are encrypted) to all users.

In a society the User cost of a session is calculated and then charged to the
user. The system can be paused whilst the operator attends to other tasks.
The society can design their own default Themes for databases.

Users of the system can assign Authorities for other users to access their
database. Users receive notification of messages awaiting them when they
log on.

GENP's existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, grouping 
of databases, multi lingual. GENP comes with an extensive help file with 
over 190 graphics explaining how to use the program. There is an example 
database including pictures. Import your existing data into the program.

Visit our website to download a free demonstration program and join our 
interactive mailing list.


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