GENP version 2


Melbourne, Australia, March 4th 2005.

The program that grows with you, is designed for the novice or experienced 

GENP offers the most comprehensive set of categories of information that can be
stored for an individual. Birthdate, deathdate and everything in between! You 
can store and display pictures or other media for each person.

The program provides commonly used source types and event and fact types or
customise your own sources and attributes.

GENP enables you to have more than one genealogical database. Access any of
your databases via the catalogue. Group databases together for easy searching.
For example, you may group all your British genealogies together!

Link your data from one database to another. "Link don't merge" - keep your 
data separate.

GENP meets your changing needs. From our one click Standard reports through to
the most advanced sourcing and bibliographic output. Plus version of reports
giving maximum flexibility in preferences, footnote and bibliography. Output 
to PDF, HTML web format. We use clear and consistent terminology with a 
glossary. Make use of Timelines, Themes and the Task Tracker.

GENP comes with an extensive help file with over 190 graphics explaining how
to use the program. There is an example database including pictures.

Visit our website to download a free demonstration program and join our 
interactive mailing list.


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