ANN: Forthcoming GENP release

ANNOUNCEMENT  17 March 2002

We are pleased to announce the features in the new version of GENP
the program for genealogical processing.

Existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, multiple
users, grouping of databases, multi lingual.

These are some of the new features slated for release :-

Timeline Manager - create and manage timelines in addition to the
Timeline Pack that ships.

Task Tracker - create, manage and report tasks under various categories.
Powerful enough to be used as a stand alone program. Let the Wizard
assist you in managing tasks. Export data in 13 different formats such
as XML, HTML. Most with their own configurable style sheets.

Repository Manager - a pleasure to use. In place editing, fast response,
display by GenBase or groups! Filter in ways only GENP can do.

Source Manager - precise placement of your sources in footnotes and
bibliography using our unique Biblio language.

Narratives - flexible reporting using our unique Narrative language. Uses
industry standard terminology too, no need to learn outmoded constructs.

You will appreciate our Name Style and Location Style managers. Not seen
anywhere else!

Our Install Wizard loads a GenBase whilst music plays.

Our Install scripting language makes it easy to install one to hundreds
of GenBases with a few mouse clicks.

The program will be released in 2002.

Our next announcement will be a call for Beta testers.

All replies to this list please.

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