Press Release

Melbourne, Australia, September 12th 2011.

GENP version 4 has been released with over 70 new features. Now with presentation quality tree charts.

GENP is a family history software program for the beginner, experienced and professional genealogist.

o Presentation Quality Tree Charts.

There are thirty six (36) different charts with many variations of Ancestor, Descendant and Hourglass styles.

You may include siblings on your chart and include relationship highlights. The charting facility supports our unique Grouping ability, Lists and linking between databases.

The facility has its own History, Preferences, Settings and Help. There is a basic mode that allows you to try out the functionality without concerning yourself with various settings.

Prune your tree by interactively limiting the people on your chart.

After a chart is generated you can change it - such as annotating the chart.

Save charts to a file with all its objects so that the chart can be recreated.

There are over fifty (50) sample pages of charts on the website. Output in English, German or Spanish. Print charts dozens of metres long with the specialist genealogy printers listed on our website.

o Graphics Pack.

Use the graphics in the collection to create professional quality charts.

Over 100 wonderful background photos and images, ornaments, corners, border and name plates.

o Slideshow Wizard.

Build standalone slideshows that will impress!

They can be sent to family members to run on their machines. The standalone does not require those people to have GENP.

The format of the slideshow is either a Classic view (each slide transitioning to another) or Cover Flow (animated three dimensional interface for visually flicking through images).

o Online Training Videos.

Fourteen (14) new videos on Tree Charts and one video on how to add attributes using the new Attribute Type Cloud. There are now thirty one (31) online videos.

After only 2 minutes watching the video 'First Steps - First Run' you will be recording your family history!

o Name Select form.

Displays all the individuals giving details such as birth date, birth place, death date and death place.

This gives greater flexibility than the existing Name Manager.

o Name Cloud.

The Name Cloud form displays individuals using the Tag Cloud paradigm.

o Attribute Type Cloud.

This form displays the attribute types available to you using the Tag Cloud paradigm. An explanation of the type is displayed.

o Portable.

Runs off a memory stick. The program can be installed on a memory stick or USB drive.

This means you can run the program at a library or relatives home.

o "Link don't Merge" your data.

Save the hours you would spend merging your data. Other programs will result in corrupted data and lead to database bloat.

What will you do with the extra hours you will save using this program? Make more family contacts? Do more analysis? Use linked data on screen and in your reports and charts.

o Group your databases.

Group your databases for powerful reports and charts. Up to 100 databases in a Group.

o Timelines.

Place your family in their social context. There are fifteen (15) official timelines. For example, America and Britain.

o And much more.

Existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, multiple users,

grouping of databases, multi lingual. Link your data from one database to

another. "Link don't merge" - keep your data separate. Over 50 reports.

The program is available in three editions - Standard, Deluxe and Platinum.

Version 4 supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Visit our website to download a free trial of the program and view videos.