Press Release

Melbourne, Australia, November 19th 2010.

We are pleased to announce that the Beta test of GENP version 4 has commenced. Version 4 rounds out our product with the new Tree Chart facility and Slideshow Wizard amongst other great features.

Presentation quality charts

GENP is a consumer orientated product which will also appeal to the serious genealogist.

Existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, multiple users, grouping of databases, multi lingual. Link your data from one database to another. "Link don't merge" - keep your data separate.

The major new Tree Chart facility enables you to produce presentation quality charts the equal of other genealogy programs. For example, include siblings on your chart and include relationship highlights. However the charting facility does much more as it supports our unique Grouping ability, Lists and linking between databases. A chart can be formed from more than one physically separate database. We also include a great number of graphical objects - only available with this product.

Slideshow Wizard

The Slideshow Wizard enables you to build a slideshow of images. This slideshow is standalone and can be sent to other people to run on their machines. The standalone does not require those people to have GENP. The format of the slideshow is a Classic view which is each slide transitioning to another. There is much more to the slideshow facility too!

This Beta test is only available to our current Beta testers and not the general public.

The current version supports Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.