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Version 4 has thirty one (31) videos.

Click on one of the following links to view each video in your browser. All videos have sound.

GENP videoFirst Steps - First run.

This video shows how to get GENP running the first time.

Topics covered are: resizing the screen; the Side Bar; how to open the demo databases; how to close the demo databases; most recently used (MRU) GenBase list; another way to open the demos. Duration 2:00

GENP videoFirst Steps - Make your first database.

Topics covered are: New GenBase Wizard; adding the Jones GenBase; how to select the location. Duration 3:03

GENP videoFirst Steps - Add your first person.

Topics covered are: opening the Jones GenBase; the Add Individual dialog; keying the name John Doe; keying a birth date and death date; selecting John Doe. Duration 4:32

Genp VideoFirst Steps - Tree Charts.

Using the Tree Charts facility.

Topics covered are: producing presentation quality charts; the Basic tree chart panel; processing the chart; using scroll bars; changing Tree Style; the Help panel; how to switch to Experienced mode. Duration 2:11

Genp VideoAdding Attributes.

After you have added a person you will want to add attributes such as Marriage and Burial. Please firstly watch the video 'First Steps - Add your first person'.

Topics covered are: where attributes are added; the Attribute Detail dialog; selecting an attribute, using the Attribute Type drop down list showing most frequently used attributes; using the Attribute Type Cloud; filling in the fields of the chosen attribute. Duration 2:25

Genp VideoTree Chart - Experienced Users.

After gaining experience with the Basic mode of Tree Charts you will want to use the Experienced mode. Please firstly watch the video 'First Steps - Tree Charts'.

Topics covered are: how to use the Experienced mode; using options and panels; where panels reside; how to pin panels; various settings for styles; how to process your data; varying the chart; select and Re-Focus; zoom factor; choosing fields in a box; overview of some panels; Preferences. Duration 5:56

Genp VideoTree Chart - Selecting.

How to select people in your chart such as ancestors of an individual using the Select panel.

Topics covered are: the Select panel; selecting male line ancestors etc.; selecting those in a generation etc.; different operations available when one or more individuals are selected. Duration 1:56

Genp VideoTree Chart - Finding.

How to find an individual in one of the displayed charts regardless of the GenBase they are in.

Topics covered are: the Find panel; selecting an individual; Re-Focus a chart and reprocessing; Re-Focus to the original focus person. Duration 1:59

Genp VideoTree Chart - Select To A List.

After selecting a number of individuals how you can add those individuals to a list.

Topics covered are: the Select panel with its List button; adding selected people to a new list. Duration 1:44

Genp VideoTree Chart - Highlighting.

Marking the path on a chart from one individual to another.

Topics covered are: how to highlight two individuals in a chart; choose the Box Border and Box Connect settings; change the end individuals to be highlighted. Duration 1:55

Genp VideoTree Chart - Using Graphics.

How graphical objects can be used in charts.

Topics covered are: how to use graphics in your charts; choose a background graphic; enlarge and rotate; adding text to a graphic. Duration 2:01

Genp VideoTree Chart - Adding new graphics.

How to add a graphic to the tree chart library.

Topics covered are: Library panel and Categories of graphical objects; add the graphic to the Library; choosing the new graphic and placing it in the chart. Duration 2:08

Genp VideoTree Chart - Adding new graphics 2.

Another way to add a graphic to the tree chart library.

Topics covered are: a new graphic based on a diagram block; adding a picture to the digram block; adding text to the block; align text to the Middle; grouping the objects before adding to Library. Duration 3:22

GENP videoGEDCOM Import

Using the Gedcom Import Wizard.

Topics covered are: how to choose the GEDCOM file; using the sample GEDCOM; tabsheets one by one; how to select the location; post import important checks including GENP Report of Statistics. Duration 7:12

GENP videoGroups.

This video shows how to add a database group so you can use the Group in reports and queries etc.

Topics covered are: add the group Palenque to System Table Group; set the name description; add PalenquePacal and PalenqueChaacal to the group; browse the group. Duration 3:32

GENP videoUsing Groups.

The group Palenque is used in reports, queries and other facilities.

Topics covered are: using a Group in the Name Manager; Place Manager; Query Manager; Statistical Charts. Duration 8:13

GENP videoKinship Report.

See at a glance how other people are related to you in your databases.

Topics covered are: produce a report from the demo databases; vary the number of generations; including and excluding relationships. Duration 5:01

GENP videoHistory List.

The History List stores and displays people as you move around your databases.

Topics covered are: how people get added to the History List; how to jump to a person from the Views Bar; using the View Individual dialog; restoring the View Individual dialog in Preferences etc.; how to use the History dialog. Duration 6:56

GENP videoUsing the List Manager.

Use the List Manager to create and maintain lists of people.

Topics covered are: create your first list; what is the active list?; adding the focus person to a list; changing the contents of a list; jumping to a person. Duration 7:48

GENP videoCustomizing.

Topics covered are: detaching menus; placing the Open and Close items onto their own toolbar. Duration 1:48

GENP videoTimelines.

Use of the Timeline dialog to manage your timelines.

Topics covered are: browsing available timelines; standard timelines; seeing how timelines appear singly or with other timelines; color coding timelines to assist in testing. Duration 4:40

GENP videoTimeline Selection.

The Timeline Selection form allows you to select which timelines are displayed.

Topics covered are: overview of the dialog; selecting one or more timelines; ensuring Preferences allows the display of timelines; Preferences options. Duration 3:10

GENP videoTimeline Viewing.

This video demonstrates how to view and manipulate timelines in a person's main view. Please firstly watch the video 'Timeline Selection'.

Topics covered are: where the timeline events appear; color coding events. Duration 2:42

GENP videoTimeline Reports.

This video shows how to produce the reports - Individual Timeline; Timelines. Please firstly watch the video 'Timeline Selection'.

Topics covered are: selecting timelines; suppressing columns; specifying a range of years; output the Legend section. Duration 5:13

GENP videoAdvanced - Tree Chart - Groups.

Using a Group of GenBases in a tree chart.

Topics covered are: the Source panel; choosing a Group; seeing each sub chart; using the Find panel; sorting the individuals by GenBase. Duration 3:39

GENP videoAdvanced - Tree Chart - Lists.

Using a List in a tree chart.

Topics covered are: using the Select panel to select individuals; manually adding people to those selected; adding selected people to a new list; choosing the List on the Source panel; chart based on the List; delete a person from the list and process; prune a tree. Duration 4:16

GENP videoAdvanced - Tree Chart - Linking.

Using linked GenBases in a tree chart.

Topics covered are: how linked GenBases can appear in one chart; using the Source panel. Duration 2:21

GENP videoAdvanced - Tree Chart - Layers.

Using layers in a tree chart.

Topics covered are: how layers can be used to display various objects; Layers panel; layers for one GenBase; making a layer invisible; follow linked GenBases and seeing their layers. Duration 2:23

GENP videoAdvanced - Tree Chart - Preserving the base layer.

Placing graphics in the base layer and preserving the layer from chart to chart.

Topics covered are: how to preserve graphics from run to run; Layers panel; add a layer GenpBase; assign graphics to layer GenpBase; settings in Source panel. Duration 2:20

GENP videoAdvanced - Link two databases.

This video shows the advanced technique of how to link together the two demo GenBases - PalenqueChaacal and PalenquePacal.

We have provided backups of these GenBases so you can restore them to their prelinked state if you need to.

Duration 10:11

GENP videoAdvanced - Kinship Report.

This video shows how to use the report with linked GenBases. It uses the two demo databases PalenqueChaacal and PalenquePacal that have already been linked. Please firstly watch the videos 'Kinship Report' and 'Advanced - Link two databases'.

Topics covered are: how to allow linked GenBases to appear on the report; order by GenBase; using GenBase name substitution; include or exclude GenBases.

Duration 4:01


(Please see other tutorials in the Help file.)


  How to group a number of GenBases together and see the results in the Name Manager.

How to change an arrangement


How to create a GenBase

  Overview of the ways to create a GenBase.

How to install Genp under Windows 7

  Outlines the steps to install Genp under Windows 7.

How to install Genp under Windows XP

  Outlines the steps to install Genp under Windows XP

How to set the Main View configuration

  How to save an existing configuration and load another. The same principal applies to other forms with configuration.

Image Editor


Uses a wedding photograph as the basis for 7 different exercises.

Learn how to:

  • make the photo brighter
  • crop a rectangular are from the postcard
  • turn the photo into an old style sepia tone print
  • repair defects on the photo

Linking GenBases - Advanced

  In this tutorial we take a commercial database of 35,488 individuals and link to it.

Using the GenBase installer

  See how to take data your cousin has sent you and install it where you want it! The sample GenBases are used as building blocks for further Tutorials

Knowledge Base

Contains answers to some questions asked by users.
See the Knowledge Base.

Some GENP features

Explanations of new features in GENP 4.
Explanations of new features in GENP 3.

Sample Reports

Sample Tree Charts

Press Releases

GENP and TMG (28 Oct 2014)
GENP 5 (18 Jun 2014)
GENP 4 (12 Sep 2011)
GENP 4 Beta test (19 Nov 2010)
GENP version 3 (25 Nov 2009)
GENP 3 Beta test (13 Aug 2009)
GENP Society (9 Feb 2006)
GENP version 2 (4 Mar 2005)
GENP Beta Test (1 Mar 2004)



We will convert your Timelines from your format to GENPs.

Please let us know the timeline you have compiled and we will do the rest.

Merionethshire Timeline.

This historical timeline is for the county of Merionethshire, Wales. It will included in the next release of the family history program GenP.

GenBase Themes

Theme Pack 1

This pack contains graphics that can be used as a basis for your own themes.

Features 9 color graphics each in 3 different sizes totalling 27 graphics. The sizes are 100x100, 240x20, 256x32.

The colors are BlueGrey, Grey25percent, LightBlue, LightGreen, LightYellow, PaleBlue, SkyBlue, White, Yellow.

Plus 2 bonus graphics:

  • GENP_America240x20.bmp
  • GENP_America256x32.bmp

Making a grand total of 29 graphics.

Use these graphical elements as is or as the basis for your own artwork. Each graphic has a palette from which you can choose colors to design your own artwork.

ThemePack1.zip Size 20 kb. 30 Mar 2005.


For version 4 of the product there is no need for any utilities on this website.

User submitted GenBases

Please contact us if you wish your GenBases to be made available on this website.

Foreign Language Versions

Japanese language web pages can be found here (日本語サイト)

Glossary of Japanese Genealogical terms

(Currently these are incorporated into the product. If these become available outside our release cycle they will be included here.)

How to link to GenP

User links

Links to resources of our users.
These may be personal websites, one name studies and so forth.