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Edition feature list

Most of the extensive features are common to all editions, except the following:

  Standard Deluxe Platinum
GenBase List - Advanced     Tick
Statistical Charts - select by GenBase Tick Tick Tick
Statistical Charts - select by Group  
Statistical Charts - select by List    
Relationship Chart/Report - Advanced (Relationship Calculator)    
Tool - Relationship Calculator - Advanced    
Kinship Report - Advanced    
Kinship Report - GenBase Name Substitution    
Kinship Report - Order by GenBase    
GEDCOM Export - by List    
List Manager - Advanced    
List Manager - Jump  
Match Merge - Match On a List    
Match Merge - Compare With a Group  
Match Merge - Compare With a List    
Individual Copy - All media
Individual Copy - Primary media only  
Individual Copy - List    
Name Manager - Group  
Place Manager - Group  
Query Manager - Search a Group  
Query Manager - create a List from Exported Fields    
Preferences - Allow individuals to be linked across GenBases    
Preferences - Follow linked individuals    
Preferences - Enable items connected with running GenBases centrally    
Limit of GenBases open on screen - one open
Limit of GenBases open on screen - two or more  
Portable drive operation    
Slideshow Wizard
Slideshow Wizard with Group  
Slideshow Wizard with Directory, List and Cover Flow    
You can order the product in three ways:
Online, Cross Trade, Australian residents, British residents.


Orders are taken through our secure online order provider Kagi.

When you order through our secure online order provider you can arrange payment in forms other than a credit card. For example, Americans can send a personal cheque.

When you order through our secure online order provider they keep the details of the credit card so that we never see your credit card number.

When you order please provide us with the name that will appear as the registered person on the About Box. For example, "John Doe"; or "J. Doe".

After payment you are immediately issued with a temporary password so you can use the full features of your edition. In a few weeks you will be issued with your personal registration key based on the name you have provided us.

Product US$ GBP EUR
Upgrade from GENP 4 to GENP 5 Platinum 24.95 17.50 20.00
GENP 5 Standard 24.95 17.50 20.00
GENP 5 Deluxe 39.95 27.95 30.00
GENP 5 Platinum 49.95 34.95 40.00

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Cross Trade

For customers who have already invested in a competing product, we offer a cross trade discount to GENP Platinum. The discount is approximately half price.

Only selected competing products are eligible for a discount. The selected products are:

Note : You must purchase an equal or greater number of GENP licenses. The discount is not available through resellers. The discount can not be combined with other special offers. The competing product must have been purchased at full price.

How to apply for the discount?

  1. Send evidence of purchase of the competing product.
  2. Attached evidence as a PDF or JPG or TIP.
  3. Provide your complete personal information.
  4. If you qualify for the cross trade discount your will receive details on how to obtain the discount from us.

Do not order our product until you receive confirmation that you are eligible for your cross trade discount.

Australian Residents


(Australian residents may pay Online if you prefer.)

Product AUD$
Upgrade from GENP 4 to GENP 5 Platinum 33.00
GENP 5 Standard 33.00
GENP 5 Deluxe 44.00
GENP 5 Platinum 55.00

Australian residents may order the product by sending payment to our postal address. You must be an Australian resident and pay in Australian dollars. Cheques must be from an Australian bank or a Money Order.

Send your name, postal address, email address and name that will appear as the registered person on the About Box, with your payment to :-

British Residents

There is an alternative for British residents to paying Online.

You may purchase the product directly from Parish Chest.

They are family history and genealogy specialists. The Parish Chest is a genealogy store with census records, parish registers, maps, reference books, CDs and detailed directories.

They have dozens of commerical suppliers, family history societies and groups, making their products and services available.
Purchase GENP from them via the page for our products.