Welcome to the GENP version 2.0 Beta

GENP is a consumer orientated product which will also appeal to the serious genealogist.

Its round trip coding takes sourcing out of the realm of the experts and 
into the hands of novices. We have made a dozen improvements to existing
source systems then added two layers of functionality. If you believe that 
having two databases on screen involves running two instances of your 
program then you need to think again.

Our database design has always been different from other programs; for example 
a newly created database will only be 23 kb in size. However the program is
not lightweight with a manual running to hundreds of pages and over 1000
program messages. Personalisation of the program runs to 57 tab sheets of 

Our aggregation paradigm is the original and best. This enables you to group
your databases and move a database to another group instantly.

Existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, multiple
users, grouping of databases, multi lingual.

To participate in the Beta you must be 21 years old or older. No staff,
employees, or relatives of genealogy vendors please. You will be required to
sign a non disclosure agreement before the test phase commences. Please state
what operating system you are running. Please let us know your genealogical
background and experience.

Some screenshots from the program are :-

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Copyright GENP 2004




Copyright GENP 2004

(24 Feb 2004)



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