For a list of new features in GENP 3 see the Press Release. The following explanations cover most of the new features. These explanations and further material has been incorporated into the Help that comes with GENP 4. See also GENP 4 features and how to use them.

Feature writeups


Adding media to an individual


Check for Duplicates Facility

Check for Updates

Configuration Control

Conversions Tool

Find Duplicates Facility

Gedcom Export Wizard using a List


Individual Copy

Lists and the List Manager

Location - Preferences

Match Merge Facility

Media for an Individual

Most Recently Used (MRU) GenBase

New GenBase Wizard

Opening a GenBase

Portable drive operation

Potential Problems Report

Program Startup

Query Manager

Relationship Calculator

Report Settings

Send Feedback

Spell Checking

Statistical Charts

Tutorial - Add an image to an Individual

Tutorial - Add images to an Attribute

Your cousin sends you a GenBase

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