General Features

You can assign a Theme to a genealogical database (GenBase). The theme allows you to specify a cursor, graphics and sounds. There are eighteen (18) themes provided. You can use the Theme Manager to create and test your own themes. Themes increase productivity. For example, associating a theme with a GenBase allows you to more readily pick out the GenBase from others in a long list. Version 4.00 ships with the following Themes - GENP_America, GENP_AmericaMusic, GENP_Australia, GENP_AustraliaMusic, GENP_Britain, GENP_BritainMusic, GENP_Demo, GENP_DemoMusic, GENP_Ireland, GENP_IrelandMusic, GENP_NewSouthWales, GENP_NewSouthWalesMusic, GENP_Scotland, GENP_ScotlandMusic, GENP_SouthAustralia, GENP_SouthAustraliaMusic, GENP_Wales, GENP_WalesMusic.

You can use the fifteen (16) provided Timelines to assist your research. You can easily swap timelines in and out using the Timeline Selection dialog. You can use the Timeline Manager to create and test your own timelines. Version 4.01 ships with the following Timelines - GENP_America, GENP_America_Presidents, GENP_Australia, GENP_Australia_PrimeMinisters, GENP_Britain, GENP_Britain_PrimeMinisters, GENP_Canada_PrimeMinisters, GENP_Demo, GENP_Ireland, GENP_NewSouthWales, GENP_Palenque, GENP_Scotland, GENP_SouthAustralia, GENP_Victoria, GENP_Wales, GENP_WalesMerioneth. Thanks to one of our users for providing the Canada timeline.

Use the Task Tracker to manage and list your research tasks. Allow the Tasks Wizard to assist you in this process.

The program can link one GenBase to another. Use this feature to link your research with your cousin's research without having to merge his records. Use this feature to keep a separate GenBase for each of your grandparents, but still be able to view on screen the pedigree or print it out.

GENP Direct allows you to see the latest news on our website.

GENP Update allows you to download from our website an update to the program.

Send Messages to another user. In a society the system operator can send a message to other users. This feature can be used by the desktop user to send reminder notices to themselves.

Be helped by various tools such as the Soundex Calculator or the Date Calculator.

Support is built into the program from the ground up. There are over 1,200 program messages, the majority of which are multilingual; to assist in understanding and pin pointing any problems. The automatic Email feature and System Info and automatic Logs provide Genp Support with vital data if required.

Our language features are extensive. You can change the Dates to one of the supplied languages or add your own. Version 2.00  ships with dates in English, French, German and Spanish. Date support is not just the display format but the format for data entry. Forms, Messages, Reports, and Sources/Attributes can be changed also. Each of these has a test facility. See our page on language features.

The Media Manager provides powerful tools to manage and view your media, such as pictures. Store media internally or externally in flexible ways. Edit your pictures using our Editor. The picture editor can display and edit more than one picture at one time.

The program provides 116 Source Types. These can be customized if you want. You can design your own source types with the Source Type Designer. The visual designer gives you immediate feedback on your design. Once the design is complete the source type will work without error.

The program provides 154 Attribute Types. The term "attributes" is what we use to describe facts and attributes. These can be customized if you want. You can design your own attributes with the Attribute Type Designer. The visual designer gives you immediate feedback on your design. Once the design is complete the attribute type will work without error.

Your preference in dates is made straightforward using the Date - Entry Styles dialog and the Date - Display Styles dialog. These are point and click designers. Once the design is complete your date style will work no matter what the language of dates you have chosen.

Dates can range from 99,999 BC to 99,999 AD. The program has very flexible date input including date modifiers (such as "about"), year adjustors (such as old style or 1744/45) and irregular dates.

Your preference in places is made straightforward using the Place - Styles dialog. This is a point and click designer with audible feedback. Once the design is complete the style will work without error.

Your preference in names is made straightforward using the Name - Styles dialog. This is a point and click designer with audible feedback. Once the design is complete the style will work without error.

Data entry is improved by the many age constraints you can have checked as you key data. This can prevent bad data from being retained.

There are many reports available. Such as 'Report of Tasks', 'Report of Individual', 'Family Group'. Most of the reports can be output in popular formats such as PDF and HTML web format. See the list below.

Output to reports is enhanced by the sophisticated formatting achieved with source citations. Our unique Narrative grammar allows this. Output can include sophisticated bibliography too. Our unique Biblio grammar allows this.

Visualize your data using the Person, Family and Pedigree views. Mix other views such as pictures too.

With TypeAhead the program will automatically enter characters based on previously entered words or phrases.

Import GEDCOM data using the Gedcom Import Wizard. Export data using the Gedcom Export Wizard.

Tree Charts

Choose from thirty six (36) different charts in the Tree Chart facility each with many variations.

Please see Tree Charts overview for more details.


Statistics for Genealogical Database

Individual - Standard

Individual - Plus

Family Group - Standard

Family Group - Plus

Pedigree - Standard

Pedigree - Plus

4 generations

5 generations

6 generations

Cascading 4 generations

Cascading 5 generations

Cascading 6 generations

Descendant - Standard

Descendant - Plus

Narrative - Standard

Narrative - Plus


Ancestors with children

Descendants Indented


Register (Modified)


Potential Problems

Relation Report

Relation Chart

Individual Timeline


Statistical Charts

Age Pyramid

Births by Month

Places by Period


Names in History


Given Names

Gender Distribution

Deceased versus Living

Marriage Distribution

Child Distribution

List Manager Report

Query Manager Report

Report of Tasks

Report of Media

Report of Repositories

Report of Sources

Report of Source Types

Report of Attributes

Report of Attribute Types

Report of User Table

Report of ShortName Table

Report of Authority Table

Report of Group Table

Report of Database Table

Report of Name Selection

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