Using the GenBase Installer

Your cousin has just sent you two (2) GenBases. Full of important family information you need to install them in your system and take a close look.

This is where the GenBase Installer is used. This will take your cousin's data and install it where you want it with the theme you want!

Please note that we are not talking about GEDCOM importing. That is something completely different.

We have provided two sample GenBases for you to experiment with. Please download TutTest1. Please download TutTest2.

These sample GenBases are used as building blocks for further Tutorials. So you may be required to follow this Tutorial to set up the correct environment.

1. Download the 2 compressed files.

2. We will now Restore TutTest1. Before we do so please think of a temporary directory you want the data to be restored into. You may have a temporary directory like "c:\temp" in which you place your temporary data. If this is the case then a good name will be "c:\temp\TutTest1".

3. Choose menu item Databases | Restore.

4. Select the From Location. This where you downloaded the file.

5. Select the To Location. This will be the temporary location. Click Process.

6. At this stage the data will have been restored.

7. Choose menu item Databases | Installer - Wizard. You will see the Start of the wizard.

8. Click on the Next button.

9. Key "TutTest1" into the Database field.

10. Click on the Next button.

11. Key a theme of your choice into the Theme field. If you don't want a Theme then leave the field blank.

12. Click on the Next button.

13.You are now at the Locations step. Key the Location where the restored data was placed. Following our suggestion it is "c:\temp\TutTest1". Key the Location where the GenBase is going to be installed.

14. Click on the Next button.

15. You are now at the Finish step. Click the Install button.

If this last step was successful you will see the message "Success".

You should now be able to open your GenBase via the GenBase List.

The GenBase has two individuals in it.

John Test1     1830 - 1890

Jane Test1     1831 - 1891

You can see them in the Name Manager.

16. Repeat Steps 2 through 15 for TutTest2.

The GenBase has two individuals in it.

Jack Test2     1800 - 1880

Jill Test2     1801 - 1881


More explanation of the GenBase Installer Wizard can be found in the User Guide.


If you want to remove these installed GenBases from your system then please consult the applicable Knowledge Base entry.

(2005 Aug  4)

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