Linking GenBases - Advanced

The ability to link one GenBase to another is a powerful feature.

In this tutorial we take a commercial database and link to it. (This tutorial assumes you have already tried linking using our User Guide.)



The commercial database is 'Welsh Genealogies and collateral lines' by Giles McNeill (Ref 1). The version used here was produced in 2001 and contains 35,488 individuals and 22,854 marriages.

It is possible to purchase other commercial databases containing royal lineages etc.. The principals of linking remain the same.

The commercial database is based on 'Welsh Genealogies AD 300 - 1400' by Peter C. Bartrum (Ref 3).

We have taken one line and extended it towards the present based on one page in the work 'Welsh Genealogies AD 1400 - 1500' by Peter C. Bartrum (Ref 2).

The line runs from Cynan to Ieuan for a total of 15 generations.

In the database Cynan has been extrapolated from his son Marchudd Ap Cynan.

Who was Marchudd ap Cynan? He was the primogenitor of one of the 'Fifteen Tribes of Gwynedd'. He flourished about the year 840. He was a descendant of the legendary Yspwys Mwyntyrch alive about the year 430 (Ref 4).

Who was Ieuan? According to the volumes by Peter C. Bartrum he was Ieuan 'Ap Crach'. His father was Gruffudd so the name Ieuan 'Ap Crach' shows an epithet Crach, meaning scab in English, derived from an ancestor. The ancestor was his great grandfather who is recorded in the database as "Crach Y Ceric" but also known as "Y Crach". Ieuan was born about 1400 and has a sister Margred and a brother Rhys.

The following graphic shows how the commercial database (imported as GenBase WelshMcNeill) appears on the Pedigree View.

GenBase WelshMcNeill in Pedigree View

Ancestor Marchudd ap Cynan is off the screen.

The following graphic depicts page 1317 in 'Welsh Genealogies AD 1400 - 1500'.

Welsh Genealogies AD 1400 - 1500 Marchudd 24(D)

We are going to key this family tree into a newly created GenBase and link back to the commercial database. To clarify one matter. We won't key Ieuan 'Ap Crach' because he is in the commercial database.

Of interest is Dafydd (to the lower right of the tree) who was born about 1500. He has descendants so it might be possible to add those later on. He lived at Gerneddwen in the parish of Llanwddyn in the commote of Mochnant Uwch Rhaedr situate in Powys.

The data has been keyed as GenBase TutLinkWelshMcNeill. (There are 17 individuals in the file.) Please download '' and then install by following the tutorial 'Using the GenBase installer'.

Click here to see a report (Register Modified) of John Ddu.

We won't reproduce the pedigree report of Ieuan 'Ap Crach' because it will shortly be supplanted by the linked one.

Open both GenBases and link John Ddu (individual 3) to Ieuan (individual 27410) in WelshMcNeill. Link Dafydd (individual 12) to the same Ieuan.

This is how Dafydd appears on the Pedigree View. Note how his great grandfather Ieuan 'Ap Crach' appears in a different color as too do subsequent generations.

Linked GenBases in Pedigree View

When you produce a report you can choose to have no identifiers. We have chosen for identifiers to appear with the GenBase name. This enables you to clearly see which individual is in which GenBase. To be more precise the GenBase name will only appear for individuals in the commercially derived GenBase WelshMcNeill.

The following depicts the first part of the Ancestors report. The change in GenBase has been highlighted. Generations 3 and 4 are the cross over generations where the link point is.

Linked GenBases in narrative report

There is little point in reproducing the dozens of pages in the report.

The following depicts the Descendants Indented report commencing with Gruffudd Ap Dafydd in the WelshMcNeill GenBase. In the report the first person in TutLinkWelshMcNeill is 1.2.1 Dafydd.

Linked GenBases in narrative report

This completes the advanced tutorial for linking GenBases.



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