How to install Genp under Windows 7

The following steps outline how to install Genp under Windows 7.

This tutorial assumes that you have successfully downloaded Genp from our website to your computer. In this tutorial the version downloaded is 3.03 but it could be any other version. 

1. We recommend that you download the program to a directory or folder named Temp. This has the advantage of not mixing up the download with any of Genp's files and your own family history data.

2. Double click the file you downloaded.

GENP install under Windows 7 - Extract

You will see the file name 'GenpSetup3pt03.exe' which is the setup file. There is also another file which you can ignore.

Do not click either of these files.

3. In the bar above the files is the phrase 'Extract all files'. Click 'Extract all files'.

4. You will see the dialog 'Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders'.

GENP install under Windows 7 - Save As

Uncheck 'Show extracted files when complete'.

Browse to the folder that you extract files to. We extract our files to

Computer | Data (D:)

and have an Unzipped folder in there.

5. When you Browse you will see the following dialog:

GENP install under Windows 7 - Select Destination

You can see that the folder Unzipped, within Data, is selected.

6. We are now going to make a new folder within the folder Unzipped.

To do this click the button 'Make New Folder'.

GENP install under Windows 7 - New Folder


7. What name will be given to the new folder?

In this example the program version 3.03 was downloaded. So this version will be a good basis for a folder name.

Type Genp3pt03 or something similar over the text New Folder.

GENP install under Windows 7 - New Folder Genp3pt03

Click OK.

8. You have now selected the destination so the dialog should look like this:

GENP install under Windows 7 - Select Destination Genp3pt03

Click Extract.

9. The downloaded ZIP file has now been extracted to the folder D:\Unzipped\Genp3pt03.

Navigate to this folder.

Double click the file 'GenpSetup3pt03.exe'. Note that there is EXE on the end of this file name.

10. You will probably see the dialog 'User Account Control' - Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

Click Yes.

11. You will see the Setup - GENP dialog.

12. Follow the setup instructions.

Where it asks to 'Select Destination Location' it will display

c:\Program Files (x86)\GENP3

When you have finished the Setup wizard the program should now be installed on your computer.



(2010 Feb 7)

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