How to create a GenBase

In this tutorial we will get an overview of the various ways to create a GenBase.

When the time comes to create a new GenBase there are a number of ways to do it.

If you are a new user then we recommend method 1.

1. New GenBase Wizard.


New in GENP 3. This method takes advantage of the New GenBase Wizard. To access this select menu Databases | New. You will see the dialog "GenBase New - Wizard".

GenBase New - Wizard

Please follow the steps in the Wizard.

You can view a video on using the New GenBase Wizard.

2. GEDCOM Import.

This method takes advantage of the GEDCOM Import Wizard. We have provided a special GEDCOM file in the directory Gedcom. It is named 'GenBaseAny.ged'. Simply import this GEDCOM giving the GenBase you create the name you prefer. For example, if you wanted to have a GenBase named Jones then import 'GenBaseAny.ged' and name the GenBase Jones. You have now created Jones which has no individuals in it. You can now go ahead and add your individuals.

See the Step by Step slideshow on how to do it.

3. GENP Manual.

The GENP Help File contains the GENP Manual. You will need to read the topic Databases within the group 'Dialogs and Forms'. Also refer to the topic 'Main Menu'.

4. GENP User Guide.

The GENP Help File contains the GENP User Guide. You will need to follow the tutorial 'Create a GenBase' followed by the tutorial 'Create a GenBase (reside mode)'.

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