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1. Where is the Help file located?

2. Where are the Tutorials located?

3. Removing a GenBase

4. How to enter a marriage date when there is none

5. Did the download work?

6. The installation of the program did not appear to complete

7. What Source Types are available in the program?

8. What Attribute Types are available in the program?

9. The program prevents me from exiting

10. I've only got one database - which edition is for me?

11. How do I install GENP?

12. How do I register GENP?

13. Themes - Turning off sound

14. Consistency checks for GenBase location

15. Where is the GEDCOM Import Report?

16. The Welcome Tasks dialog appears off center

17. How to enter Quarter dates from English and Welsh registers

18. Four reasons not to delete the demo databases

19. Descendant brief details Narrative Report

20. Defacto Marriage - some things to consider

21. Some considerations when moving GENP to a new computer

22. Your cousin sends you a GenBase

23. Correcting a year like 1850 formatted as 1,850 in a report from the Query Manager

24. Matching records kept externally via the Reference field

25. Ensuring the demonstration theme is not seen when registered

26. Locating graphics from the Graphics Pack

27. How to save unfinished family tree charts and finish them later

28. Managing many GenBases in the program

29. How to hide GenBases you do not use often

30. How to edit the text in a family tree chart box

31. How to add a background picture to a family tree chart box

32. How to change the page size in a family tree chart

33. Printing a family tree chart to Adobe PDF

34. How to create a backup Group


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