GenpDemo Mailing List

We have set up a mailing list for people evaluating GENP.

You can subscribe to the list for 30 days provided that the mailing list rules are followed. The topics to be covered on this list are restricted to your evaluation of the program GENP.

1. Identify yourself.

When you subscribe to these mailing lists use your full name and a valid email address.

2. Post your question to the single most appropriate mailing list.

Do not cross post your message to more than one mailing list. If you can't determine which list is the best, say that in your post, and ask someone to suggest which list would be better. Posting to the proper list will facilitate a speedier reply.

3. Stay focused on the current topic.

If the topic needs to change then commence another message thread.

4. Do not make requests for assistance from other users via email.

Do not contact users via email unless specifically requested to do so. The preferred method is via this message list. Thus other people benefit from the answer to your question as well.

5. Do not post copyrighted material.

Do not post copyright material without the permission of the author.

6. Be respectful to others.

Do not make personal attacks on other users.

7. Do not post anything that is libelous, abusive or hateful.

8. Post in plain text.

Always post messages in plain text and not in HTML mode.

9. Automatic responders.

You will be unsubscribed if you have an autoresponder that automatically returns mail to this list.

10. Advertising.

There is to be no advertising or promotion of any other products or services.

11. Email harvesting.

You are not permitted to collect or harvest email addresses from this list.

12. Copyright of these lists.

You agree to us archiving messages and making these available at some future time.

13. Do not post anything that is harmful to the business interests of GENP.


If you agree to the above rules then please send an email to

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